Peaceful Sounds Native American Style Flutes

Previously known as  Peaceful Sounds In Alaska


Peaceful Sounds Native American Style Flutes was started in Anchorage, Alaska in 2010. It is a small family owned business created from our love of the Native American Style Flutes and the desire to keep this tradition alive.  From standard style flutes to exquisite specialty flutes with hand carving, inlay, and designs, the love of flute making is shown in every flute.

Meet the makers

The Leyva family started making flutes in February of 2010. Previous experience in finish carpentry we took our love for woodworking and combined it with our love for the Native American Style Flutes. We have designed flutes for a variety of musicians and performers and have flutes in several countries as well as the United States. 

Standard Flutes

All of our standard Native American Style Flutes are made of Western Cedar in the keys of:

 High C and A 3/4 inch bore

G and F 7/8 inch bore

E and F 1 inch bore

F# keys upon request or contact for availability at 907-884-7884 or email: [email protected]

We also have other items for sale: Instructional DVD's on How to make Native American Style Flutes, flute schematics, tuning rods, note hole placement jigs.fleece flute bags and flute stands upon request.

Specialty Flutes

Specialty flutes are made with different types of exotic wood and usually have inlay or hand-carved designs and/or specialty fipple blocks. These are higher in price as there is more work involved. 

Specialty flutes can be seen on our facebook page at:

 Sounds Native American Style Flutes

or on Ebay at:


Flute Instruction

Flute instructions on how to play and care for your Native American Style Flutes are on You Tube at:


There are also some instructional on how to inlay if you are making your own flute.   

What our customers are saying

I have two flutes made by peaceful sounds flutes.

They are beautiful and professional for concert and recording

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